Conor is an active member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists. Conor prides himself on having an up-to-date evidence based approach to his assessment and treatment of his patients. Conor is both open minded and committed to finding the best possible route to achieving your goals as a patient. He sets high standards for both himself as a therapist and his patients in order to achieve the highest possible outcomes.

Conor balances his time between treating the residents of Cahercalla as well as treating outpatients from the Clare community in his steadily growing Chartered Physiotherapy Clinic.

Since 2012, Conor has acquired experience in working in all areas of Physiotherapy. Conor has gained clinical skills and valuable experience in the University Hospital Limerick, Ballyvaughan Primary Care Centre, Bantry General Hospital Stroke Unit, Mercy University Hospital & Mayo University Hospital.

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