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Conor prides himself on having an up-to-date evidence based approach to his assessment and treatment of his patients.

About Conor Barry, MISCP, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

Conor is a graduate of the University of Limerick having obtained a BSc Physiotherapy Hons Degree. Conor began working in Cahercalla Community Hospital in October of 2016, before deciding to embark on developing his own private clinic on site shortly after. Conor is an active member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, CORU registered and a valued member of the Cahercalla team.

Conor balances his time between treating outpatients from the Clare community in his steadily growing Chartered Physiotherapy Clinic with the residents and patients of Cahercalla Community Hospital.

Since 2012, Conor has acquired experience in working in all areas of Physiotherapy. Conor has gained clinical skills and valuable experience in the University Hospital Limerick, Ballyvaughan Primary Care Centre, Bantry General Hospital Stroke Unit, Mercy University Hospital, Mayo University Hospital, Carrigoran House and a variety of other care facilities in Clare/Limerick region.

Conor prides himself on having an up-to-date evidence based approach to his assessment and treatment of his patients. Conor is both open minded and committed to finding the best possible route to achieving your goals as a patient. He sets high standards for both himself as a therapist and his patients in order to achieve the highest possible outcomes.

Cahercalla Community Hospital is a private hospital surrounded by picturesque gardens on a secluded 13-acre site on the outskirts of Ennis. Cahercalla has a strong history of delivering high quality care to the Clare Community, dating back to 1935.

Thanks to a huge fundraising campaign in 1995, Cahercalla hospital was acquired by a voluntary group comprising of the people of the Clare community, and has been growing ever since.

The hospital, consisting of 111 beds, is now managed on behalf of the community by a Voluntary Board of Directors and prides itself on being a centerfold of care to the Clare people.

The Cahercalla team is formed of a highly trained and committed team of 100 staff, including Conor, whose focus is on delivering high quality holistic care in a warm, welcoming environment. For more information on the services provided and history of Cahercalla Community Hospital.

Why Choose Us

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Proven Results

Conor strives to get the best results possible for each and every patient attending his clinic. ‘Improve the way you move’ is his motto and is something he firmly believes in and applies to every client every day. There is no issue too big or too small.


Conor has accumulated a vast amount of experience in all areas of physiotherapy nationwide. He specialises in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and management of neurological conditions in his rehab clinic.

Sports Injuries

Conor himself is an athlete and an avid sports fan and is familiar with treating all sports injuries. He understands the importance of peak performance in athletes and enjoys guiding his patients towards their very best.

Evidence Based Practice

Conor keeps up to date with the latest research and literature in the physiotherapy field to ensure he is offering the highest quality, research supported treatment to all of his patients. He is also regularly engages in professional development to progress his clinical skills.

Areas of Expertise

As of early 2021, Conor has extended his learning and research to keep up to date with the latest evidence in treating Low Back Pain and Pelvic Dysfunction. 

Conor has also recently completed an extensive course in the management of tendinopathies, (rotator cuff, achilles, gluteal, hamstring and many more). Tendon management must follow a step by step plan, that Conor is fully equipped in prescribing and guiding you through.


One Consultation/Treatment Session is €50 and usually lasts 40-45 minutes.

However, costs can be recovered via your health insurance. Chartered Physiotherapy is eligible for refund with AVIVA, VHI, LAYA, and more (contact your health insurance for further details).